How To Deposit SA Gaming & How To Play Baccarat

Hello to all readers. See you again Today I will teach you how to deposit BK8, how they can deposit. Will teach you step by step in detail And will teach you how to go to play baccarat from  SA Gaming on website too Because I am about to go in to play already Who likes baccarat? Can read more immediately after depositing money Let's go

BK8 deposit methods

Before deposit can be made We have to account with BK8 first. If you already have an account, you can follow the steps below. Those who do not yet have an BK8 account can sign up on the website BK8 or anyone who does not know how to apply, can view this article register member Can be added together.

First step Let us go to the website BK8 once we get to the website. For everyone to log in to the system

Then go to the word "deposit". When clicked, it will bounce to the deposit form page as shown below. The details are as follows:

  • Deposit amount (Minimum 200 baht, Maximum 300,000 baht)
  • We will transfer money via online banking. Then bring the completed slip to the notification on the form


  • Already at the deposit option Choose to Bank transfer
  • and I will choose The bank that I always use is Kasikorn Thai.
  • Direct to bank account It will be his bank account that we will transfer into it to appear.
  • Fill in the amount here. I fill in 200 baht.

Skip to the channel Deposit methods  Select as Online banking Once selected, there will be a box Account details have been added for everyone. Click the + sign. When clicked, you will come to the member's bank details page (picture on the right). Enter your bank, branch, account name and number. Your account Then press save As in the picture below.


After pressing save, there will be account details. Added to the box (See the image below.)

After that, let us make money for him. We will receive a money transfer slip.

  • Date and time of deposit
  • Deposit methods such as choosing to go to online banking.
  • Let us fill in the reference number of the slip we transferred money in.

Once all fields have been completed, press "Send" When pressed, a popup will pop up saying Successful deposit request Just as you all have successfully deposited money.

SA Gaming Baccarat

When everyone has finished making deposits I will teach you how to play Baccarat from the brand of SA Gaming. To everyone, go to the menu bar. Choose the word Live casino. When you click Then go to the brand SA Gaming.

When clicking on SA Gaming, a new web page will pop up. That is, this page (Image below)  in the red left-hand box.  is a game that the SA Gaming brand provides. There will be a special Baccarat Boundary. Luck, other games, slots, shooting fish, but for today, we will look at only Baccarat

In the yellow box, will be all baccarat rooms. You can see that there are baccarat rooms. For you to play many options Choose to play as you like or the room that you want to play baccarat formula. For those who want to get Baccarat formula or want to study about Baccarat more Read more.

After selecting the room you want to play The room that is used to play baccarat will look like this. (Picture below) where everyone can play Baccarat immediately or who do not know how to play baccarat, can learn more in the article


For BK8 deposit methods, deposit easily, quickly, in just a few steps. Then can deposit money You can follow the written instructions and how to play baccarat is very easy. There are also many rooms to play. For everyone to enjoy via the online casino website BK8 Thai